If you are advertising in “neighborhood” flier mailers, you may want to consider adding Door Hangers and get more business.

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Compare the Advantages


The advantages of Door Hangers is they are on your customers’ front door by itself, unlike neighborhood ad magazines with pages and pages of advertisers that have to be thumbed through, or usually tossed.


Door Hangers have gained in popularity recently. Everyone from major corporations, restaurants, trades to politicians are seeing benefits and good results. However, local small businesses are still the ones that benefit the most from using door hangers in a marketing campaign.


Customer responses are even more effective if you have attractive visuals, special offers, promotions and freebies.


Great for local businesses


If you run a business that caters mostly to people in a nearby geographical area, door hangers can be a very good, inexpensive investment. Many businesses do not even think about these as a possible tool, but you should.


Your Business is close to the neighborhood


Customers know you are a local business. This will usually give you a bit of a head start in their desire to come there. Most people enjoy doing business with a company that is nearby them, less than 20 minutes away.


Door Hangers Get Read... Right Away


When someone sees a door hanger on their front door, they are almost certainly going to take a look at it. That is something you cannot say about direct fliers and neighborhood promotional magazines in the mail box. Most letters and coupon fliers will simply get skimmed over or tossed and unread.


They are unique


The fact that door hangers aren’t used as often as they should be just makes them that much more effective.


Door Hangers are cost effective


Best of all, once door hangers are designed and printed, they are as easy to distribute.Yes, they have to be hand-delivered, but you save on the cost of postage, addressing, and shipping conventional direct mail. Instead of mail carriers, you’ll be contracting a delivery service for about a quarter per door based on the quantity, or free doing it yourself with help from employees at slow times and friends.


Walk about


It does not take very long to walk around a neighborhood and place hangers on door knobs.

Example: Let’s say you are painting a home and come to a stopping point or it’s break time. Grab some door hangers and walk the neighborhood and hang them on as many doors as you have time for. It’s Free advertising.


Compare the cost of a full-page ad!


A 2-sided door hanger is larger than a full page ad in a weekly promotional magazine. That said, your message will be exclusive to your business without other competitive ads in the way.


Competition is brutal!


It’s tough to attract new customers cost effectively. Especially in the restaurant business, where there are hundreds of places to eat in the County and thousands in the St. Louis metro area. People may already know about your restaurant, but choose another for a variety of reasons. Give them a compelling reason to come to your place.


The same applies to plumbers, carpenters, painters, house cleaning, home repair, heating and cooling, lawn service and almost every other kind of trade who services the area.


We can help get your cash register to ring!


Call or email The Design Company and we will work with you to develop an effective marketing and creative strategy. We can design the door hanger, print it and arrange for local door-to-door delivery.






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